13 things I learnt in 2013

(And cliched titles clearly wasn’t one of them)

Generic thought some may sound, these are a few things I learnt this crazy year. 

1. Let Go

Apart from an incredible musical contribution, this Frou Frou line is indeed the greatest way to mental peace. Letting go is not the same as forgetting – it is rather accepting what has happened and knowing you have to go through it. Letting go is sadly not a magical momentary process. Much confusion, shock and sadness precedes it – one has to go through a myriad of emotions before immersing the ashes of that dream you once had. 

Recognise when things are no more in your control. The more you try to hold on to an idea, a dream or a person the more they all slip. Learn to let go with grace and dignity – drama only entertains the bystanders. Learn that there is some reason somewhere which will reveal itself – even though you sure as hell can’t see it now. Forgive them not for them, for your own peace of mind.


2. Love those who loved you when you were no one

Your parents, your childhood friends, that office buddy who still remains your sounding board after all these years. They loved you then, they will love you now. They have seen minus the layers of stress, zero sleep and terrible mood swings. You aren’t an aftereffect of success or failure for them. Next time shit hits the roof, you can call a 100 for advice but just them for a hug. 


3. Recognise your comfort food

What makes you happy? Is it a walk? Is it sleep? Or a cup of chai? Make a list of 10 things which make you happy and keep it handy. Next time when your boss yells, refer to it and do the one convenient 


4. Nice people are not always nice in relationships

There is an understanding that for many people, their professional and personal behaviour is different – and this is considered healthy to an extent. However just because he is incredibly sweet and kind and generous is not a guarantee that he will make a good boyfriend. Past baggage, natural temperament and circumstances change the best of us. Next time, don’t date someone just because he is nice all – around. See how good he is with you


5. You do not need people

Pick selected persons and make sure you are always there. Define boundaries with each person you meet. Do not be rigid but draw the line when needed. Just because that cute colleague keeps talking to you, does not put him in best friend category. You do not need people, you need a few good close persons. Cut the clutter, cut the drama, focus on who is important. 


Watch a whirling dervish. Learn how to let go


6. No one will ever give a shit about you more than yourself 

Yup. True. Accept. Act on it. Be selfish. Hug yourself. Fight your own demons. No one will understand you more than yourself. Simply because they are not you. 


7. Record.

Write. Take pictures. Shoot stupid videos. Preserve your current self. There is something wonderful about reading your 14-year-old scrawling. 


8. Your heart is not a charity

Love demanding love. We are not souls from eternal love stories. Don’t love them if they won’t hold your hand in public. Don’t love them if they don’t include you in their world. If they break your heart, pick up the pieces, button up your dignity and walk away. 

Most importantly love the person who takes a stand for you. All every girl wants with love is a man who is proud to have her on his side. Do not settle for anything else. You will give him your all if he does so, so why compromise? 


9. Clean 

Start with cleaning your room. That drawer with weird knickknacks which you do not recognise anymore. Then pay attention to your body. Eat well, exercise in whatever form – you do not want to be that old woman bed ridden because she didn’t take care of herself and is now dependant on her silly children. Then clean your mind. Instinctively know when your thoughts are rubbish. If you have a lover, immediately think of him. If not think of pending work, always sparks the right kind of fear


10. See the world 

Never say no to travel. New experiences brings in new people and new cultures. The adjustment you make with them will help you for the rest of your life. 


11. Stop advising unless asked

Everyone is an adult with atleast average intelligence. Sometime we just need someone to hear us and give us a hug and say it will be ok. Spare your opinion and judgement. No one appreciates a judgemental person who forces his thought on people


12. Shut up and work

I learnt this from family. The solution to everything is one – work. Whatever it is, immerse yourself. It has been my greatest healer. An idle mind is a destructive mind. Stay busy, everything else will hurt less


13 Wake Up and Fight

Open your eyes. Wipe away those tears. Go work. Love. Be happy. Be angry. Fight. Take a day at a time. Repeat


2013 for me has been pretty shitty overall but I can say one thing confidently – this is the year I grew up and recognised priorities. Many dreams were shattered. Here’s hoping 2014 brings a new one 🙂

PS: 14. (Well why not)

Since I was 13 I believe when you are right, you will be taken care off. Till today I do so and I always will. Believe in karma. If you were a dick, you will pay the price eventually. Make sure your conscience stays clear. Don’t wish evil upon others. Mind your actions and someday this strange world will make some sense.








  1. rads · January 4, 2014

    Good one 🙂

    Many resonated with me and my thoughts as I wrapped up 2013, just that I bet you are much younger than me and that is something i envy the generation below me to have. The incisive skill with which you cut to the chase. Good for you!

  2. Cosmobong · January 4, 2014

    Wise words :). Here’s wishing you a Very Happy New Year.

    Hope exactly one year down the line we will see a blog post about 13 (or rather 14) things you did which made you extremely happy and joyful. And below Note will read, “what a fantastic year from all aspect of life”.

    Have fun gal, world is all yours 🙂

  3. choudhary Harish · March 23, 2014

    Wow, Awesome learning you had in 2013, wish you the same in 2014 and I hope to learn your 2013 learnings first 😛

  4. twarzo · October 20, 2014

    Some of the wise words,I get reminded some useful stuff. Thank you 🙂

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