(Kinda v v low. Just pouring out heart here)

You are not around. You were never around. Frankly you never will be.

You know I will do it. Leave the world for you. Leave things I love to take care of you. You choose to deny it.

Brickbats, raised voices, abuses and ridicule is all I have ever received.

Tender words fail you, comforting actions are amiss and an appreciative glance doesn’t watch me either

Yet Im a fool. An all-knowing fool willing to bear this with only one emotion – hope.

Hope of a new world. Hope of love. Hope of us. Together.

You scorn it. You mock it. I sigh. I smile. I believe even more.

They all call me delusional

What they don’t know is that this will be the only emotion you will allow me to feel about you

Hope is all I have where us is the truth

Sometimes a delusion is what is separating me from letting myself go in a dark deep hole

You are probably a lier, certainly a manipulator and definitely the most self-obsessed man I know

In my eyes, you are a lover – hurt but hopeful, selfish but passionate.

In your eyes, Im worthless, replaceable and not required

What imbalance is this? Pity it will never change.

(Anyone reading this, hug the screen or just Like the post. I could do with some comfort in my life)


One comment

  1. Cosmobong · April 29, 2013

    Change is inevitable.. it will when it has too. For the time being though, hold on to the hope… 🙂

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